Microsoft is Working on a Chrome OS-like version of Windows 12

Microsoft is Working on a Chrome OS-like version of Windows 12

Microsoft is Working on a Chrome OS-like version of Windows 12. According to WindowsLatest, which cites many sources with knowledge of the topic, Microsoft is working on a web-focused version of Windows to challenge Chrome OS’s supremacy in the educational sector. The web-centric operating system is meant to supplement rather than replace the classic Windows desktop interface.

Microsoft is Working on a Chrome OS-like version of Windows 12

The computer titan’s previously rumoured foray into developing a lightweight operating system to compete with Chrome OS, dubbed Windows 10X, never reached commercial release. Microsoft is reinvigorating its ambition with a modified version of Windows 12, emphasising a contemporary, modular design for low-powered educational devices.

Internally, initiatives have been taken to lead the new vision, including the formation of a specialised team called ‘Windows and Web Experience.’ This group will be in charge of the evolution of Windows and related web-based products. Furthermore, several job advertisements indicate a mix of client and cloud services.

Microsoft has hinted that the next iteration of Windows will be released in 2024. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is particularly important in this initiative, with the company’s browser, Microsoft Edge, slated to undergo an AI-driven metamorphosis. The goal is to transform Edge into an extremely intelligent web browser, utilising advanced machine learning to gain a nuanced understanding of online content and user patterns.

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Microsoft teased the ‘Next-gen of Windows’ at the recent Build 2023 developer conference, confirming rumours of a significant revamp slated for 2024. In terms of aesthetics, Windows 12 is rumoured to feature a floating taskbar, and its core is expected to be largely focused on AI features.

The overarching goal of Windows 12 is clear: Microsoft wants to squeeze off a big portion of the educational market that Chrome OS currently occupies. While past attempts, such as Windows 10X, may have failed, there is hope that Windows 12 may usher in a new era of innovative prowess.

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