Now enjoy virtual walking with the feature of Google Street View

Now Enjoy Virtual Walking With The Feature Of Google Street View 1024x538

Now enjoy virtual walking with the feature of Google Street View. Google street view feature has the ability to view panoramic views globally from various streets. It is the best feature because even if you are not familiar with the area, it will help you lead the right way. With this feature, the detailed look of the building on the nearby streets could be obtained.

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Now enjoy virtual walking with the feature of Google Street View

Through this feature, one could take virtual walks without leaving the area of comfort. These virtual walks will enable you to enjoy landmarks such as restaurants, museums, arenas and even stadiums of world renown. And this can be done without leaving your home’s comfort. This street view integration has been included in the latest Google Maps version, i.e. 10.23.4.

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How does this feature work with Google Street View?

  1. Type the location in the Google Maps app’s destination section Click on Map.
  2. Layers button at the display’s extreme right side.
  3. A box pops up- You will discover a connection to the street view just below the “Explore”.
  4. Tap it, and blue lines will overlay the areas where the street view will be available; these are the areas.
  5. Touch any blue line you want to get to.
  6. You can see what’s on the left and right side of the photo by using your finger.
  7. Scroll down with a finger on the blue line to make a virtual walk.

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It’s a fun-filled feature and while sitting at home, you can easily enjoy the street view and virtual walk. The feature is currently only available for Android users and they’ll have to wait longer for iOS users.

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