Patriot announces new series of DDR4 memories

Patriot announces new series of DDR4 memories

Patriot announces a new series of DDR4 memories that are both premium and affordable۔ Patriot announced that it was their DDR4 UDIMM “Premium.” And by default, I mean XMP is NOT required to get these speeds and timings rated: all UDIMMs on the Signature Line use JEDEC-qualified settings. These are budget RAM sticks that focus specifically on customers looking for value.

Patriot announces new series of DDR4 memories

Patriot’s Signature Premium DDR4 Non-ECC Unbuffered memory delivers the expected quality, reliability, and performance for the mainstream computer needs of today. Built using the highest quality components and tested by hand, Patriot ensures that every module meets and exceeds industry standards to provide you with a trouble-free memory upgrade plug-and-play.

The Signature Premium DDR4 memory modules from Patriot are the perfect option to build or upgrade any PC system for faster performance.

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“Signature Premium DDR4 memory offers a wide range of capabilities allowing the builder to choose from a variety of speeds and capabilities from 4 GB single modules up to 32 GB dual channel kits. Signature Premium DDR4 series modules provide reliability for those who upgrade or construct work or business systems and are also cost-effective,

We are excited to introduce this exciting new line to users and integrators of mainstream PCs. The heatshield product line of the Signature Premium DDR4 UDIMM memory offers what consumers need most: a great looking DRAM supported by solid performance and a good price.

via Patriot

The table below shows all the different configurations.

Patriot ddr4 ram prices and specs

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Generic look sticks from a brand of quality

The heat spreaders distinguish Premium-branded modules from previous Patriot Signature Line products, while low prices and Patriot warranty distinguish each Signature Line from “generic” memory. Personally, I wouldn’t use these sticks, but I’m sure the budget builders will look at those sticks for sure.

Patriot ddr4 ram
Patriot ddr4 ram

Pricing is on the table above, but the sticks must overtake Taiwan’s boat, which will certainly take a while.

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