Release of WhatsApp Dark Mode and any other new features

Release of WhatsApp Dark Mode and any other new features for Android and iPhone REVEAL

The release of WhatsApp Dark Mode and any other new features for Android and iPhone REVEAL. WHATSAPP Dark Mode could finally be close to a release as another swathe of new features on Android and iOS is set to arrive soon.

Release of WhatsApp Dark Mode and any other new features

It’s the feature many fans of WhatsApp were waiting for and it seems that Dark Mode could finally come soon. WABetaInfo has now spotted this popular theme, which has recently launched on Facebook Messenger.

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This site is renowned for finding features long before they’re released into the wild and they say they’ve recently found a way to switch to the dark mode when using a smartphone from Android. There are even some pictures that support the claims with the screenshots clearly showing a darker colour scheme in the app.

Sadly, WABetaInfo stated that this Dark Mode is present only when viewing the settings menu of the software and has not yet been applied to the rest of the application. This might mean that there’s still some time to wait until Dark Mode launches, but it certainly looks like it’s in development.

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This would make sense as Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, recently released an update to its Messenger app that now provides users with access to a darker theme. Users simply need to send a message with a crescent-shaped moon emoji to activate this setting and nothing else.

Once sent, you’ll see an animation that fills the screen with smiling moons and a message that congratulates you on the Dark Mode installation. Dark Mode offers a much better nighttime experience when using the app as your eyes won’t be subjected to glare from the screen.

WhatsApp Dark Mode for Android and iPhone REVEAL

While this new setting of WhatsApp might be a little way off being released, there are some other features that might arrive sooner. The latest beta test version of the app, called version 2.19.86, looks set to be a number of service improvements, including better options for Picture in Picture and new emoji.

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  • PICTURE IN PICTURE — WhatsApp is enhancing its Picture in Picture option allowing users to follow floating video streamed through sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Streamable when switching to a different chat instead of closing.
  • CONSECUTIVE VOICE MESSAGES – You can now play voice messages in a row, which means that friends ‘ voice memos will continue automatically when one ends.

Apple IOS:

  • NEW ICON – You will see a new emoji appear when you receive a text message from a contact or group.
  • NEW EMOJI — WhatsApp is launching new transgender emojis in the Emoji Unicode.

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