Samsung Galaxy S10 users reported front camera using cropped mode in third-party apps

Samsung Galaxy S10 Users Reported Front Camera Using Cropped Mode In Third Party Apps

Samsung Galaxy S10 users reported front camera using cropped mode in third-party apps. Users of Samsung Galaxy S10 report that their phone’s front camera can only be used in cropped mode, rather than the full field of view the lens is capable of when using a third-party camera app. This seems to apply in the S10 series to all three devices.

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The Galaxy S10 has a wide-angle lens on all three devices for the front camera. The main camera app, however, always opens in a cropped mode (6MP) that offers a field of view similar to what other manufacturers have on selfie cameras. As an additional feature, users can choose to switch to the lens ‘ full view field (and hence the full 10MP resolution of the camera sensor).

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However, it appears that Samsung’s provided camera API allows third-party apps like social networks and video calling apps to only use the front camera’s cropped mode.

We’re still not sure why, but in the past, we’ve seen phones with dual front cameras allowing only one of those third-party apps to use, so maybe it’s more than anything else an inherent limitation on Android.

If this is the case, it is likely that Samsung will not be able to fix this through a software update. For now, for some of the apps, a workaround is to first shoot the picture in the main camera app and then import it from the Gallery into your chosen app.

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