Samsung Mobile with under-display camera coming next year

Samsung Mobile With Under Display Camera Coming Next Year 1024x538

Samsung Mobile with under-display camera coming next year. According to the recent report, Samsung’s efforts to bring the camera technology under-display to the market will finally bear fruit and start mass production as early as this month.

Samsung Mobile with under-display camera coming next year

If everything goes well with production, Samsung plans to build 30,000 units a month for a device to release next year with UDC. With such yields, this is clearly not going to be the Galaxy S11, but it could make it the Galaxy Fold’s counterpart.

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Nevertheless, with the selfie under-screen lenses, Samsung also faces many technical obstacles. Despite being transparent the OLED display still distorts the light which comes into the sensor to reduce the quality of the image, so the Korean tech giant is trying to work around the issue.

First, it ensures that the OLED panel is as transparent as possible, and second, it develops a nifty algorithm of software that should minimize distortion. Before we see one of those in the broad daylight, there is still a long way to go, so don’t hold your breath.

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