This AI-Created Influencer Can Earn 10000 Euros Per Month

This AI-Created Influencer Can Earn 10000 Euros Per Month

This AI-Created Influencer Can Earn 10000 Euros Per Month. Aitana Lopez, a Spanish model, with finely arched brows and a big, red mouth. Light reflects off her prominent cheekbones, and her body suggests she has a personal trainer on her team. Her 127,000 Instagram followers show their love in the comments section of her posts: “Gorgeous.” “Sublime.” “You’ve officially stolen my heart.”

This AI-Created Influencer Can Earn 10000 Euros Per Month

Lopez, on the other hand, isn’t real. She was created by AI. She’s also a well-known influencer. According to the Barcelona design agency that built her and maintains her sexy social media presence, she can earn up to 10,000 euros each month (more than $10,000).

According to The Clueless, AI models are more trustworthy and simpler to deal with than humans, who have egos and don’t always show up on time for shoots. Lopez is presently the face of Big, a sports supplement company. When ordering its products online, use a code with her name in it to receive a discount. You’re familiar with the influencer game.

“We are not just an AI modelling agency, we are visionaries on a mission to redefine the world of influencers,” The Clueless claims on its website. “Our goal is to transcend the conventional realm of modelling and lead the way in influencing, ushering in a new era characterised by authenticity, impact and deep meaning.”

The agency assigns individual personalities and life stories to its models as part of its attempt at authenticity. Lopez is a 25-year-old Scorpio who enjoys cosplay, video games, and fitness.

“With boldness and authenticity, she faces challenges and expresses her opinion without reservation, although her complicated humour and self-centeredness sometimes make it difficult to get a smile out of her, showing her complexity,” according to her bio. “As a content creator, she shines with extroversion, attracting attention with her striking character.”

Maia Lima is the second of two AI-generated models currently featured on the site. “Her loving nature is manifested in her bisexual orientation, which reflects her openness and diversity in her relationships,” according to her website.

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