YouTube Now Offers Arcade Games to Paid Users

YouTube Now Offers Arcade Games to Paid Users

YouTube Now Offers Arcade Games to Paid Users. YouTube Premium will not only remove advertisements, but it will also allow you to play arcade games via a new feature called Playables. Playables are a separate part of the YouTube app or desktop website that allows viewers to play arcade games. Some YouTube Premium users are presently receiving alerts notifying them that they can enable Playables via the settings.

YouTube Now Offers Arcade Games to Paid Users

When you enable the Playables page, you can start playing one of the 37 games that are currently accessible, including Angry Birds Showdown. The fact that there is no need to download anything is noteworthy—all of the games work effortlessly on the desktop browser or the YouTube mobile app.

This strategy is similar to what we’ve seen from Netflix, however, its success remains to be seen. Interestingly, YouTube indicates ambiguity about the conclusion, noting that the service will be available until March 28, 2024, at which point a decision about the continuation of the Playables feature will most likely be made. So the future of Playables is entirely dependent on how much people enjoy it until March 2024.

This disclosure comes just after the video-sharing platform launched a global crackdown on ad blockers. Many people were compelled to disable their ad blockers as a result of the crackdown, but many simply switched to stronger options that could circumvent YouTube’s restrictions. Meanwhile, some ad blockers simply skip the commercials without pausing them.

Some users have recently hypothesised that Google is punishing ad-block users by slowing down download times on specific browsers. A Reddit member submitted a video that demonstrated how each video took 5 seconds to load. The Redditor even went so far as to investigate whether there was an internet browser issue, but there were no issues found.

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