This is our best look at Galaxy Note 10+ from Samsung

This is our best look at Galaxy Note 10+ from Samsung

This is our best look at Galaxy Note 10+ from Samsung. The wait is almost over, fans of Galaxy Note, as Samsung unveils its next-gen smartphone in New York on Wednesday. Sadly, if you followed Note 10 rumors, you already know that there is virtually no chance that Samsung will come up with any surprises.

Everything has been leaked about the two Galaxy Note 10 phones — because, yes, Samsung will sell its new flagship in two different sizes, each in 4 G and 5 G options. We know what the phones will look like, including camera details, and what kinds of specs to expect from them.

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And we’ve seen the phones already in the wild. But the image below gives us our best look at the larger handset while confirming one of the colors of the launch.

Evan Blass shared the image, without any captions, on Twitter below. We are clearly looking in the image at a Samsung Galaxy Note phone. Just check out the Samsung logo and the blue stylus at the back of the phone. Nothing can be but Note 10.

This is our best look at Galaxy Note 10+ from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ First Official Look
Source: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ First Official Look

But how do we know that this is Note 10 +, not the smaller model? The design of the camera is giving it away. The triple-lens camera system on both devices is flanked by the flash and Note 10 +’s fourth lens, the Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor, capturing field information depth. It is rumored that only the Note 10 + has a ToF sensor.

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The image virtually confirms past leaks if more confirmations are needed. It also tells us that the phone will be available at launch in a red/pink/coral shade, which means you’re not going to have to stick to duller colors. That said, it’s unclear if during preorders all Note 10 models will get the same colors.

Regardless of colors, as this leaked image also reveals, you will be able to purchase transparent phone cases. According to rumors, the phone is likely to start selling later this week, with shipping set for 23 August.

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And you can expect the phone to be just as expensive as other 2019 Android flagships, though during preorders Samsung and its retail partners will try to sweeten the deal with multiple promotions.

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