Toothache Causing Headache and Eye Pain

Toothache Causing Headache and Eye Pain

Toothache Causing Headache and Eye Pain. Because the nerves of the teeth and the eyes are related, a toothache can cause a headache and eye pain. In truth, there are numerous causes for this illness. However, keep in mind that tooth and head discomfort can be caused by an underlying health issue such as TMJ dysfunction or sinus infection. So, make an appointment with your dentist or doctor to get an appropriate diagnosis.

Toothache Causing Headache and Eye Pain

Only a doctor is qualified to perform the necessary tests to examine and diagnose the underlying cause of your symptoms. This article will continue to investigate the potential links between headaches and toothache.

Tooth Pain Triggering a Migraine

A tooth might have pain from a variety of causes, including caries, fractured teeth, or impacted wisdom teeth. If you ignore these conditions, you can get a headache or a migraine.
Migraines are throbbing, one-sided headaches that might be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light or sound.

The trigeminal nerve, according to experts, is the link between migraines and toothaches. This cranial nerve is in charge of controlling eye and face movements and sensations. In fact, this affects the majority of your face, including your teeth, gums, as well as upper and lower lips.

Furthermore, experts believe that the trigeminal nerve is important in the development of headaches and migraines. In this case, dental pain is thought to disrupt the nerve and produce a migraine.

Can Dental Problems cause Headache and Eye Pain?

When you are suffering pain in any part of your body, one thing is certain: you want to find the source of the discomfort and end it. If you’ve been experiencing frequent headaches and eye pain, the source could be one of your dental issues. In fact, dental health issues are one of the most common causes of headaches and eye pain. Continue reading to learn about the connection between dental problems, headaches, and eye pain, as well as how to stop it.

How are Toothache Causing Headache and Eye Pain?

Dental and sinus problems can cause headaches and eye pain. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is one of the oral diseases that might cause these issues. TMJ dysfunction is another popular name for this ailment. TMJ is the joint formed by the skull and the TMJ bone. The mobility of these two bones can be aberrant at times due to oral issues such as teeth grinding. When this occurs, the patient may experience a headache or eye pain.

Another problem that might cause headaches or eye pain is a sinus infection. Sinuses are air cavities in the skull that are bordered by mucous membranes. Most people have four sets of sinuses. An infection of the sinuses caused by a tooth might cause a headache or eye irritation. Sinus infections can spread to the brain in severe situations, resulting in more serious health consequences such as meningitis.

Dental Problems That Can Result in Headache and Eye Pain

1. Tooth Decay

One of the most prevalent dental disorders that might induce a headache or eye pain is tooth decay. This problem may lead you to believe you have a headache rather than tooth rot. As a result, anytime you have an unending migraine or eye pain, you can go to this website and have a dentist examine your mouth first.

2. Bad Bite

A bad bite is defined as teeth that are loose, missing, or misplaced. Because of this issue, the jaw muscles may work more than usual to connect the teeth and keep the mouth tight. This can frequently result in a headache or even eye pain.

3. Bruxism

A common type of transferred discomfort to the head is bruxism. A person with this illness grinds their teeth or clenches their jaw at night.

In this disease, headaches are typically described as a dull pain around the head or behind the eyes. Clicking of the jaw joint, hurting teeth and jaw muscles, and difficulty opening and closing the mouth are all signs of bruxism.

4. Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis

The cavernous sinus is a region in the brain that is located behind the eye. An untreated dental ailment, however unusual, may produce a problem in this area. This is a dangerous, life-threatening blood clot known as cavernous sinus thrombosis. A blood clot usually occurs when an infection in the face or head spreads to the brain.

The most common symptom of cavernous sinus thrombosis is severe headache. The pain was frequently felt as pressure behind the eye or on the brow. Other signs of the disease include:

  • High fever
  • Eyelid swelling
  • Eyeball protrusion
  • A weakness of the eye movement

5. Headache Caused by Tooth Pain

Aside from dental pain causing a migraine, extensive gum disease or tooth decay can cause pain in the brain. Referred pain means that you feel pain in different sections of your body rather than the one producing the suffering. This is due to the numerous nerve connections that connect the teeth and other facial structures to the brain.

Furthermore, when experiencing a tooth problem, a person frequently schedules a consultation with their doctor for tension-type headaches or migraines.


If you experience a new headache or tooth pain, arrange an appointment with your doctor. Even your doctor may have difficulty determining the underlying problem. As a result, perseverance in determining the diagnosis is required. It can be difficult to determine whether your toothache and headache are related. In reality, tooth pain can trigger a migraine, and dental issues such as teeth grinding or bruxism can cause headaches.

It is critical to see your dentist every six months. During your dental visits, inform your dentist if you have been experiencing chronic headaches or eye problems, as the source could be in your mouth. Our dentist at Carrum Downs Tooth Clinic will be able to diagnose such dental problems before they impact other parts of the body. Call or come to our dental practice today!

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