Twitter is testing new thread labels

Twitter is testing new thread labels

Twitter is testing new thread labelsRecently, we’ve learned that Twitter is testing new thread labels. The new feature will allow you to identify when someone is answered by the person who initially started the conversation. In the Twitter Threads, all users will soon see new labels such as “Author,” “Following” & “Mentioned.”

Twitter is testing new thread labels

Twitter has released a Tweet about the new features to come. They said:

“We want to make it easy to follow and join Twitter conversations. We are testing reply labels: mentioned by the author and following. Let us know what you think if you see them!”

The new feature is currently being tested. The new labels were only seen by a limited number of users. New labels are expected to roll out in the form of a server-side update to the users.

Twitter testing new thread labels

Three new labels are hitting your threads on Twitter. They are going to include “Author,” “Follow” and “Mentioned.” The label “author” will apply to those responses that are tweeted by the person who actually started the conversation. The person who kicked off a specific thread is labeled as the author.

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This allows users to see if a particular thread response came from the original tweeter or somebody else. On the other hand, a response from a Twitter user mentioned in the original tweet of a thread will be attached to the “mentioned” label. On a reply tweeted by a Twitter user who follows the original author in a thread, the last “following” label will appear.

In this way, in the long and popular Twitter Threads, you can identify all types of users. Let’s see when all Twitter users will be rolling it out.

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