Router Hacking: What Is It?

What is Router Hacking

Router Hacking: What Is It? Our dependence on the internet has made our lives a lot easier. Undoubtedly, this technology has impacted our lives in several ways. Due to the increasing use of the internet, using it is not a problem because routers and Wi-Fi networks are quite popular. No matter where you are, you can easily access the internet as routers are very common. This is the reason that routers have become one of the most attractive devices for hackers to prey upon. Your router device might have one or more vulnerabilities, which makes it easier for hackers to hack it. The router hacks can affect your entire Wi-Fi network and hackers leap into your sensitive information easily. 

What is Router Hacking? 

Router hacking happens when a hacker takes control of your router. When your router is hacked, the hackers can gain full control of your network infrastructure and access your personal information. Therefore, it is important to have effective cyber security programs to ensure that your router device remains secure. 

Most of the routers come with standard security features, so make sure you use them wisely. Also, choose a reliable internet service provider that can offer a secure network and security suite to enhance your internet security. As most ISPs do not offer reliable connections, which hackers can easily exploit. But, if you choose HughesNet, you will get a secure network, and the provider offers Norton 360 Deluxe too. It is powerful antivirus software that blocks hackers from your devices. 

The software also alerts you if hackers try to access your Windows webcam, monitors the dark web forums, and protects your devices from malware, spyware, and other online threats. You can reach out to HughesNet’s customer support team for more information. 

How Router Hacking Works

Hackers can attack your router via one of the several ways listed below. 

Using the Default Login Credentials

If you are still using the default credentials, you should change them immediately. Hackers can easily identify and access devices that use shared or common passwords. They know most of the standard admin passwords and can easily penetrate your network infrastructure. Thus, you need to keep a strong password to protect your devices. Also, do not disclose the credentials to anyone so your network remains safe. 

Firmware Vulnerability 

Firmware vulnerabilities are the security flaws of the routers that hackers exploit. The hackers can easily bypass them and access your sensitive information. Therefore, it is important to update your router’s firmware and install the latest firmware by visiting the router manufacturer’s website.  

Enabled Remote Management 

Most people make the mistake of not checking the router’s panel to enhance its security. We keep the remote management mode enabled so the router can access the internet connection from a distant location. Through this hackers exploit the remote function and gain control of your device. So, check your panel and disable it right away. 

Why Hackers Hack Your Router? 

Hackers can hack your router because of the following reasons. 

Data Theft

As your router handles all the internet traffic of your network connection. Therefore, a router hacker can keep tabs on your internet activities and check what you are doing. For example, they can monitor your web traffic, the sites you visit, the services you use, and so on. This way, they can also steal your information and use it for malicious means or even sell it to the dark web for money. Moreover, you can even suffer from financial loss as well. 

Attack Other Devices

Multiple devices use the same network, so a hacker can use your router as a staging ground to hack other devices. Hackers can also inject malware into your router so that all the other devices connected to it are compromised. 

Use Your Internet Connection

Router hackers can use your internet connection for their malicious means. This can slow down your internet speed and clog your bandwidth. Moreover, they can perform illegal activities on your network, so you could end up getting in trouble. 

Add Your Router to Botnet

Botnets are one of the popular networks of hacked devices that are controlled by cybercriminals. Several techniques are used to compromise the devices, such as sending fake emails or notifications, so malware is downloaded into the system. They are also used for sending spam content or scanning the internet for other vulnerable routers. If your router is compromised for this reason, then your devices might shut down, and hackers gain access to them. 

All in All… 

Today, we are more online than we ever were! This is the reason that cybercrimes have become quite common. There are so many ways via which hackers can hack our devices, and router hacking is one of them. Therefore, take measures to ensure that your hackers cannot easily penetrate or damage your network.  

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