WhatsApp improves the functionality of audio sharing

WhatsApp Improves The Functionality Of Audio Sharing With The Latest Update 1024x538

WhatsApp improves the functionality of audio sharing with the latest update. With the ability to send up to 30 files at a time, WhatsApp brings a major improvement to its audio sharing UI.

WhatsApp improves the functionality of audio sharing

WhatsApp rolls out a new UI for its audio picker, according to a WaBetaInfo report, enabling users to listen to files before sending them (useful if you often send the wrong ones to people). That’s not all, though! Users can now send up to 30 files at one time!

WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.1: WhatsApp is working on a new redesigned section to send audio files to contacts.
It supports audio preview and image preview of the audio file (if available).
Max 30 audio messages at a time.

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) January 7, 2019

The new interface for audio sharing now shows you how big a file is, how long it is, and also gives you the ability to listen to it. You will need to download the app through the APK Mirror or by first registering to the beta program of WhatsApp on the Play Store to get the updated design.

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The update – currently for Android in WhatsApp Beta also brings with it a redesign of document thumbnails shared by WhatsApp Web. Looking at the section on WhatsApp contact sent/received documents, new thumbnails are available for different types of files such as text, PDF, or presentations.

WaBetaInfo also announced earlier this week that WhatsApp is finally becoming a reality for iPad! It’s still not here, but it’s on its way!

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