WhatsApp Web now has new text formatting tools

WhatsApp Web now has new text formatting tools

WhatsApp Web now has new text formatting tools. Meta-owned is always attempting to develop its encrypted chat in order to compete with apps like Telegram and Signal. WhatsApp has added a set of new text formatting options for its web client, dubbed WhatsApp Web, as part of the newest set-up enhancements.

WhatsApp Web now has new text formatting tools

According to WABetaInfo, the latest WhatsApp version is only available to a limited number of beta testers. “Following successful testing with a select group of beta testers over the past few weeks, it appears that WhatsApp is now widely rolling out to more users the ability to apply fresh formatting styles to their text messages,” the update said.

Code Blocks, Quote Blocks, and Lists are among the new text formatting features available on WhatsApp. WABetaInfo released a snapshot of how WhatsApp users can customise the appearance and layout of their messages using the new text formatting capabilities.

The new tools were also described in depth by the WhatsApp tracker:

  • Code Block: This technology is primarily intended to help users share code within WhatsApp. While it is often utilised by software engineers and programmers, it is also available to all users in a variety of contexts, including better message highlighting. Simply use backticks (`) between the necessary content to format it as a code block.
  • Quote Block: The Quote Block is handy for responding to a specific section of a prior communication. Add the “>” character before the text you wish to quote to make a quote block.
  • Lists: Lists are an effective approach to organise information. You can make an ordered list by preceding your text with one of the following characters: “*”, “-“, or digits.

The inclusion of these tools in WhatsApp Web, according to WABetaInfo, is a huge step towards improving the user experience while sending text messages in a much clearer and easier manner.

Furthermore, it provides a more professional tone to messages because users may simply and precisely convey technical or comprehensive information.

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