Will Quest 3 support wireless Bluetooth headphones?

Will Quest 3 support wireless Bluetooth headphones

Will Quest 3 support wireless Bluetooth headphones? The Quest 3 can connect to Bluetooth devices, but for excellent audio, you’ll need a cable connection or a USB-C dongle. The Quest 3 supports Bluetooth 5.2, which allows you to connect to a wireless mouse and keyboards to use the in-headset browser or gaming controllers instead of Touch controllers.

Will Quest 3 support wireless Bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth headphones can be connected in the usual way: put them in pairing mode, then navigate to the Quest 3 Settings page > Devices > Bluetooth and pick your headphones, providing the headset can discover them. However, be aware that the latency is really high.

Quest 3 support wireless Bluetooth headphones

However, just because you can use your Quest 3 Bluetooth headphones in this manner does not imply you should. Anyone who tries will notice a terrible lag between video and audio, breaking your immersion. We do not suggest it.

Instead, attach a short 3.5mm cable between your Bluetooth headphones and the headset’s appropriate connector, even if this means they’re no longer “wireless.”

If you wish to utilise wireless earbuds, you’ll need a wireless dongle linked to the USB-C port. Based on Meta’s recommendation and our own testing, Soundcore by Anker earphones are your best bet because they use the USB-C connector while still allowing you to plug in a battery pack.

Meta Quest 3

The built-in speakers on the Meta Quest 3 are 40% louder than those on the Quest 2, enabling excellent game audio. You’ll rarely need to raise the volume up above the middle range to obtain clear, immersive sound; in fact, going any higher may cause some audio bleed.

You receive the best spatial sound with headphones or earbuds and avoid annoying your roommates or family members by forcing them to hear anything you’re listening to.

However, as previously stated, Bluetooth headphones do not work effectively on the Quest 3; Meta has not prioritised low-latency Bluetooth because you can always put headphones into the 3.5mm jack and attach or velcro the wire to the Quest 3’s top fabric strap so that it does not dangle during gameplay.

If you’re serious about getting your wireless Bluetooth earphones to work with the Quest 3, invest in a wireless adapter that supports aptX Low Latency and plugs into the Quest 3’s USB-C port; it’s the only way to interpret the signal rapidly enough to minimise latency between game audio and video.

Unfortunately, this technique prevents you from plugging a battery pack into the USB-C port at the same time, so you’ll have to choose between the two. We’re aware of Bluetooth receivers, such as the Anker Soundsync A3352, that plug into a 3.5mm jack instead, avoiding the USB-C issue, but we haven’t tested this alternative.

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