With a new CEO, Magic Leap shakes up the leadership

With a new CEO, Magic Leap shakes up the leadership

With a new CEO, Magic Leap shakes up the leadership. Magic Leap, producer of one of the best AR headsets on the market, has appointed a new CEO who will confront the challenge of carving out territory for its transparent AR technology against a growing wave of passthrough AR headsets.

With a new CEO, Magic Leap shakes up the leadership

After a stratospheric rise and then near-catastrophic collapse under its original founder Rony Abovitz, Magic Leap hired Peggy Johnson to stabilise the firm, manage its move to enterprise, and introduce the Magic Leap 2. Johnson left the company three years later, and a new CEO took his place.

Magic Leap has announced that Ross Rosenberg, an experienced IT executive who has worked in leadership roles at a number of large-scale enterprise technology businesses, will fill the position.

According to the statement and the description of Rosenberg’s earlier work, Magic Leap is expecting that the new CEO will be able to steer the company towards enhanced (or possibly, early) profitability.

But Rosenberg’s tenure will obviously be about more than just refining operations and finding the appropriate product-market fit; he’ll also need to both grow and protect the company’s land as newer headsets, such as the Quest 3 and Vision Pro, focus on passthrough AR features.

While neither headset directly competes with Magic Leap’s enterprise-focused transparent AR headset, Rosenberg will undoubtedly be looking ahead a few years to see when passthrough AR headsets could begin to approach the size and real-life visual quality that Magic Leap currently has.

The business hasn’t yet hinted at an impending Magic Leap 3 headset, but given that the current Magic Leap 2 has only been out for a little over a year, that could still be in the works. From the outside, it appears that the corporation had an amicable separation with the prior CEO, Peggy Johnson, albeit it is unclear which party forced the transition.

“Having accomplished so much of what I set out to do at Magic Leap, I felt the time had come to transition leadership to a new CEO who can guide the company through its next period of growth,” Johnson said in a prepared statement. “I’m incredibly proud of the leadership team we’ve built at Magic Leap and want to sincerely thank all of the employees for their work in helping to successfully reorient the company to the enterprise market.”

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