3 Innovative Ways to Keep Users Engaged in Your Mobile App

3 Innovative Ways to Keep Users Engaged in Your Mobile App

Nowadays, there are numerous mobile apps available in the market, and most of them are downloaded only once and uninstalled thereafter. Commonly, smartphone users have on average 50 apps on their phones and it’s easy for them to forget using them. Thus, it is not as easy for your app to get constant user attention in this competing and saturated marketplace of mobile apps.

Getting new users of your mobile app is not the end, it is the beginning! The factor which determines the success of your mobile app development is app engagement. With 184 billion apps available worldwide by 2024, it is crucial to seek a way to improve user engagement to avoid your app getting replaced from the phone screens of users all across the world.

According to the report of Statista, YouTube ranked number 1 with around 74 percent of mobile app user reach in January 2023, and Gmail ranked second with 61 percent of user reach. Facebook ranked third with 59 percent of mobile users in the US.

Here are 3 Innovative Ways to Keep Users Engaged in Your Mobile App:        

  • Keep the App Onboarding Easy:

When it comes to custom mobile app development, consider the overall user experience. The first thing the user will do after downloading your app is create an account. Thus, it is recommended to keep the app onboarding process easy for new users.  If there is a complicated process for onboarding, the chances are high that they will uninstall the app without using it a single time. And, that will ultimately diminish app engagement.

Retention is one of the important ways to keep the users engaged with your mobile app. Brands should focus on retaining users while aiming for new ones constantly. Simplifying the app onboarding process is the first step to ensure customer retention.

  • Personalized User Segments:

Users are more likely to abandon the application when they see irrelevant information and ads as nobody likes to waste their time. Brands should deliver targeted, personalized and rich content through their app based on the in-app behaviors, time, preferences, context, and demographics.

Personalized user segments in the mobile app not only boost user engagement but are also useful for app monetization with better ROI. App developers use analytics to create personalized mobile app user segmentation and run the relevant brands. In addition, they filter the analytics report through segments to Analyze engagement as well as ROI.

  • Enable Social Sharing:

Enabling social sharing is one of the best strategies to keep users engaged in your mobile app. Creating an inherently social app can promote itself when shared among a group of users. Brands should allow social sharing for every post in the application. It should be easy to share on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+.

Fitness apps, games, ride shares, and health & lifestyle apps are becoming “share-friendly” and thus most of them are getting word-of-mouth popularity. Thus, it can be said that social sharing is an integral part of engaging the users in your mobile app. Also, developers should consider cross-platform sharing to make the app more engaging and interesting.

Summarizing this, engaging mobile apps help brands to improve loyalty, and enhance sales while enriching the overall user experience. Simply availing the mobile app development service is not a finish line, it is crucial to hire top mobile app developers who can build an effective strategy to boost mobile app engagement. The app should fit in the long-term goals of the brand while consolidating loyalty.

It’s never easy to maintain brand loyalty and customer relationships in the fast-paced and competitive world.  As every user has different choices and requirements,  brands need to pay attention to delivering a great user experience. It will define the successful strategy for improving user engagement in your mobile app. The above-mentioned ways can be used as a sure-shot formula to gain user engagement while delighting your existing customers.

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