A New Era of Galaxy AI Is On the Way – Here’s a Sneak Peek

A New Era of Galaxy AI Is On the Way

A New Era of Galaxy AI Is On the Way – Here’s a Sneak Peek. You have access to the internet at your fingertips. You have a camera in your pocket. Then there’s artificial intelligence (AI) enriching your daily life.

A New Era of Galaxy AI Is On the Way – Here’s a Sneak Peek

The Samsung Galaxy helped to democratise internet access and transformed cameras into indispensable communication tools. Even though all eyes are on AI, some of its most significant benefits have yet to reach mobile technology. Galaxy intends to change that.

No organization can fully realise the potential of AI like Galaxy. Why? Because only Galaxy places the power of openness in your hands. Galaxy AI is ubiquitous intelligence on your phone like you’ve never seen it before, designed to empower everyone, everywhere. We’re releasing new possibilities everywhere it counts, from barrier-free communication to simpler productivity to unrestricted creativity.

Galaxy AI is a full mobile AI experience powered by both Samsung-developed on-device AI and cloud-based AI enabled by open collaborations with like-minded industry leaders. It will enhance your regular mobile experience while providing the security and privacy you expect from Galaxy.

Look no further than the very thing our phones were designed to accomplish, calling each other, for a peek at one benefit Galaxy AI will provide. AI Live Translate Call will soon provide customers of the most recent Galaxy AI phone with a personal translator anytime they require one. Because it is built within the native call feature, there is no need to use third-party apps.

As you speak, audio and text translations will emerge in real-time, making phoning someone who speaks another language as straightforward as putting on closed captions when streaming a show. Because it’s on-device Galaxy AI, you can be confident that confidential chats will never leave your phone.

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Galaxy AI, which will be released early next year, will bring us closer to a world in which some of the most prevalent barriers to social connection are removed, and communication is easier and more effective than ever.

That is how AI is improving the world and your life.

“Mobile technology has incredible power to enable connection, productivity, creativity, and more for people all over the world,” stated Wonjoon Choi, EVP and Head of R&D, Mobile Experience Business. “Galaxy AI is our most comprehensive intelligence offering to date, and it will change how we think about our phones forever.”

Breakthrough experiences that enable genuine connection and unlock new possibilities, all from your phone. That is Galaxy’s pledge.

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