After ‘suspicious activity’ alert, StockX forced password resets

After Suspicious Activity Alert StockX Forced Password Resets

After ‘suspicious activity’ alert, StockX forced password resets. If you received an email from StockX asking you to reset your password, then it was probably authentic for all the sneakerheads and hype beasts out there. In a statement that Engadget was “recently alerted to suspicious activity involving our platform,” the online marketplace stated.

After ‘suspicious activity’ alert, StockX forced password resets

StockX Password Reset

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Exactly what’s included is unspecified, but “out of caution,” it’s updated security and asks users to reset their passwords while an investigation continues. We would hope you don’t share passwords across different services as usual, and if you haven’t already set up a password manager or started using two-factor authentication wherever available, this is a great time to start.

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