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Galaxy Fold Ready for Launch starting from September

Galaxy Fold Ready for Launch starting from September. We announced Galaxy Fold earlier this year — the first foldable device from Samsung, and the start of a completely new mobile category. At Samsung, we have always focused on pioneering the next generation of mobile innovation: new products and technologies that drive the industry as a whole forward and help users do what they can’t.

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We announced Galaxy Fold earlier this year — the first foldable device from Samsung, and the start of a completely new mobile category. We have made improvements to the Galaxy Fold since then to ensure that consumers have the best experience possible.

Galaxy Fold Ready for Launch starting from September

Samsung took the time to fully evaluate the design of the product, make the necessary improvements and perform rigorous tests to validate the changes we have made. These improvements to the design and construction include:

  • The Infinity Flex Display’s top protective layer has been extended beyond the bezel, revealing that it is an integral part of the display structure and not intended to be removed.
  • Galaxy Fold has additional reinforcements to better protect the device against external particles while retaining its signature foldable experience:
    • With new protection caps, the top and bottom of the hinge area have been strengthened.
    • Additional metal layers were included under the Infinity Flex Display to strengthen the display’s security.
    • The space between the Galaxy Fold’s hinge and the body was reduced.

Samsung has also worked continually to enhance the general Galaxy Fold user experience in addition to these changes, including optimizing more applications and services for its distinctive foldable UX. Samsung conducts final product testing to make Galaxy Fold accessible to customers in select markets beginning in September. Details of the availability will be communicated as we approach the start.

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Galaxy Fold reimagines the smartphone entirely, altering your way of interacting, communicating and experiencing everyday life. Precisely sophisticated, slim and embedded in luxuriously finished materials, Galaxy Fold allows you to completely immerse yourself in anything you need, wherever you’re in your hand.

Use the cover display to access your essentials while holding Galaxy Fold comfortably in one hand, and open it to use multiple apps at once. Now, with Galaxy Fold, while talking on a video call, you can review charts and search for information all at once.

At Samsung, all of us appreciate the support and patience we have received from Galaxy fans worldwide. Galaxy Fold is a device that has been in production for a long time and we are proud to share it with the world and look forward to bringing it to consumers.

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