Samsung to launch ‘Aura Glow’ refreshed Galaxy Buds

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Samsung to launch ‘Aura Glow’ refreshed Galaxy Buds. With less than two weeks to go to reveal Samsung’s big Galaxy Note 10, the anticipated gadget continues to pour in new intelligence. The Galaxy Note 10 may not be the only new product to be revealed next month by Samsung.

Samsung to launch ‘Aura Glow’ refreshed Galaxy Buds

It is expected that the South Korean company will introduce a brand new tablet, the Galaxy Tab S6, and a new set of smartphone accessories for its new flagship. The new Galaxy Buds pair will be revealed on August 7, along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, according to reports.

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These are not new models, but they come in a different model color. The new earphones of Samsung Galaxy Buds will match the color of the Galaxy Note 10/10 +, called “Aura Glow.”

Both the buds and the carrying case will match the Galaxy Note 10 with the same white-silver color. Samsung is also presenting fresh AKGbranded in-ear headphones. These are not wireless, but they are linked through a USB-C port. They come with active noise canceling technology that ensures active noise suppression in the environment.

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