Google Makes it simple to Search New Podcasts

Google Makes it simple to Search New Podcasts

Google Makes it simple to Search New Podcasts. Google makes it easy to find new podcasts to listen to. While consumers have always been able to search for podcasts from Google, they used to have to dig deeper into the outcomes to discover and listen to the podcasts.

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It’s coming of age to a podcast. While many people are discovering the medium only now, podcasts have been around since the early 2000s. Hundreds of podcasts were launched by the earliest podcasters, and all the time new podcasts are released.

Google Makes it simple to Search New Podcasts

Podcasts are now easier to find on Google
Podcasts are now easier to find on Google

The one problem with the ever-growing number of podcasts ready to listen is sorting the wheat from the chaff. A handful of bad podcasts are available for every good podcast. And to hunt the best podcasts is the trick.

Google is interested in helping out directly in Google Search results by surfacing playable podcasts. All you need to do is find a podcast about a particular topic, and Google will show playable episodes alongside the usual web pages, news items, images, and videos.

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Google will display podcasts related to what is being talked about, as explained on The Keyword, with the company transcribing episodes it finds to help with indexing. Podcasts will also appear in search results in the future that do not include the word “podcasts.”

Google is working hard to help individuals constantly discover new podcasts, starting with people in the U.S. using English. This is available in Google Search for the start, but Google will post it later this year to Google Assistant and Google Podcasts.

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Now users can be assured that this will not completely replace publishers. While Google will now surface individual playable podcasts within Search results, they will sit next to lists compiled by websites like MakeUseOf. It provides only additional choices.

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