New iPhone may have three rear cameras

New iPhone may have three rear cameras

New iPhone may have three rear cameras. The next iPhone seems to look fairly weird. Months away from the upcoming launch of Apple’s iPhone, leaks indicate that anything around the corner might look a bit … odd.

New iPhone may have three rear cameras

A raft of rumours gave the feeling that there will be three cameras on the back of the next iPhone — probably replacing the iPhone Xs as Apple’s flagship smartphone. It’s a trend that has hit much of the sector, with significant players all engaged in an arms race adding more and more cameras, probably hoping to kill the point-and-shoot camera once and for all.

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Apple is looking to put three cameras and a flash on its next phone’s back. Instead of following the crowd, which usually aligned the cameras and the flash in a single row, Apple seems to have decided to arrange the cameras in a triangular form, with the flash hanging out on top.

Alleged part of 2019 #iPhone11


— Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) April 4, 2019

Multiple leaks of phone-case manufacturers also occurred preparing cases with a large square box cut out on the back to accommodate the gigantic camera module.

There is no assurance that this design will end up being released by Apple. Also circulating pictures have been produced in which the camera module looks more like an elongated version of what can be found on the iPhone Xs. Apple was not accessible to comment on any of these instantly.

If this is where the development team of Apple has chosen to bring the iPhone, it might fit in with the slightly more strange decisions that the business seems to make these days. These original leaks have attracted some ire (as is often the case with leaks), with supporters from Apple voicing design objections much like those that followed the new Mac Pro’s latest release.

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