New Whatsapp function to prevent users from taking screenshots of chats

New Whatsapp Function To Prevent Users From Taking Screenshots Of Chats 1024x538

New Whatsapp function to prevent users from taking screenshots of chats. Whatsapp has rolled out a new beta version that blocks conversation screenshot users. The Facebook-owned messaging app worked on implementing biometric authentication for Android phones, according to reports.

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WhatsApp beta update shows a new development for biometric authentication on the Google Play Store. Those using a fingerprint sensor to lock/unlock WhatsApp may not take chat screenshots.

If a user enables this new feature for Android, the receiving end users will not be able to take a screenshot, there is no information as of now when this new feature will roll out, or whether it will be announced for Android, iOS or both.

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From Settings > Account > Privacy, users will find biometric authentication on Android phones. WhatsApp will be locked for a few minutes if WhatsApp does not recognize the fingerprint and there are too many failed attempts.

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