WhatsApp provides exciting new features for iPhone users exclusively

WhatsApp Provides Exciting New Features For IPhone Users Exclusively 1024x538

WhatsApp provides exciting new features for iPhone users exclusively. WhatsApp takes a page from Apple’s playbook to bring its iPhone users an exciting new feature.WhatsApp regularly adds new functionality to its app to enhance the user experience of more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. The WhatsApp user base is split between iPhone and Android users and both versions get updated from time to time with exciting new apps. iPhone users now have time to enjoy an exclusive new feature on the iOS app.

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WhatsApp has been updated for iOS, updating the version of the app to 2.19.100. If the automatic update function on your phone is disabled, iPhone users can go to the App Store to update WhatsApp. You’ll see an Apple-inspired feature that has been a success with iPhone users when you update WhatsApp for iOS. Memoji stickers ‘ popularity inspired WhatsApp to bring its own app with Memoji stickers.

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To get started on WhatsApp with Memoji stickers, launch the app, open a chat and tap next to the text box on the sticker icon. You will then see the”+” icon that will take you to the next screen with the option of adding a new Memoji sticker pack. The new stickers will appear in the library of stickers from where you can pick your favorite one.

WhatsApp provides exciting new features for iPhone users exclusively

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But WhatsApp’s introduction of Memoji will not replace the Memoji of Apple. If you can configure your Memoji as you would on an iPhone, it’s unclear. If so, users will not be as tempted to use Memoji from WhatsApp as they would be using Memoji stickers from Apple.

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WhatsApp has several other apps in the pipeline if that doesn’t excite you. The dark mode, for instance, is coming for a long time and may only be rolled out to all users sooner rather than later. It was also confirmed that the common messaging app was testing Snapchat-like ephemeral messages. There are many features under beta testing, but it’s not a guarantee that they’re all going to make their way to the masses.

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