Samsung works on camera technology under-display

Samsung works on camera technology under-display

Samsung works on camera technology under-display. Galaxy Fold’s recent catastrophic introduction was a PR nightmare to the brand image of Samsung. This does not, however, stop Samsung from experimenting with new ways of incorporating cameras and sensors into smartphone displays. Yang Byung-Duk Samsung is close to creating a full-screen panel (without a hole-punch), according to Samsung’s vice president of Research and Development.

Samsung works on camera technology under-display

Yang Byung-Duk stated that under the screen the camera and sensors would be incorporated without hindering the display. If everything goes as planned, both the front camera and a full bezel-less, notch-less and punch-less display can be used by consumers, a concept design that tech enthusiasts have been dreaming of for some time now. It’ll take at least one to two years, though.

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“While it would not be possible to make (a full-screen smartphone) in the next 1-2 years, the technology can move forward to the point where the camera hole is invisible and does not in any way affect the function of the camera — Yang Byung-Duk, vice president of Samsung’s Mobile Communication R&D Group Display”

Ultimately, this new technology (if implemented) will allow Samsung to achieve the full-screen display that the South Korean Giant has been designed for so long. Up to now, the only way to achieve a 100% bezel-less screen has been to use a motorized mechanism that has many weaknesses, such as stuck dust particles in motor parts that can make the entire mechanism useless.

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In addition, the South Korean giant also filed a patent with the U.S. Patent and Mark Office (USPTO). The patent is about a ‘ wrap-around ‘ display that appears to spread around the edges and continues on the phone’s back. Although this patent is not related to the under-display technology, it indicates, however, that Samsung may also be working on a wearable smartphone. As absurd as that sounds, it may be true as smartphone watches in recent times are becoming quite functional. Let’s see what we have in store for Samsung.

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