Startup unveils world’s first ever flying motorcycle

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Startup unveils the world’s first ever flying motorcycle. JetPack Aviation (JPA), from California startup known for creating futuristic jetpacks, has used its jet turbines in developing a new flying motorcycle, which it calls the ‘Speeder’ and is already available for pre-order for $10,000.

Startup unveils world’s first ever flying motorcycle

Startup unveils world’s first ever flying

 A startup firm has invented and unveiled the world’s first flying motorcycle powered by the jet in the history of automobiles

The Speeder is prepared with four turbojet engines that let the motorcycle fly in excess of 241 kilometres per hour for up to 22 minutes, depending on the altitude and the weight of the pilot that can go up to 250 pounds (some 113kg).

The flying vehicle is powered by either kerosene, JetA, or diesel and has the ability to reach a height of 15,000ft, but in this case, the pilot would need to supply their own oxygen at that altitude. The Speeder features hand controls, a 12-inch touch screen for navigation and a built-in two-way aviation radio system for air-to-air and air-to-ground communications, reported New Atlas.

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