Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 Features Leaked

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 Features Leaked

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 Features Leaked. Samsung Galaxy S11 comes with a 20:9 Display. A report published last month by The Elec claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S11 would have a 5x optical zoom camera. A leaked benchmark listing has now emerged online, suggesting that the Galaxy S11 series will have larger screens than the current flagship phones of the company.

What do you need to know?

  • An rumored benchmark listing of Galaxy S11 + indicates that the next smartphone of Samsung’s flagship will have a 20:9 screen.
  • The 2019 Samsung flagship phones sport 19:9 screens, including the new Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 +.
  • However, mid-range A-series phones like the Galaxy A70 and A80 come with 20:9 displays from the company.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 Features Leaked

The folks at GalaxyClub found a rumored Galaxy S11 + version on the HTML 5 benchmark list with a placeholder model number SM-G416U. While the listing does not include much detail, it indicates that a 20:9 aspect ratio will be used by the upcoming Samsung flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Benchmarks

Unlike most other Android flagship smartphones launched this year, a 19:9 aspect ratio highlights Samsung’s 2019 flagship smartphone. Moving to a higher aspect ratio will mean that the Galaxy S11 + will be narrower than the Galaxy S10 + and have slimmer bezels as well.

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While Samsung has not yet released a flagship phone with a 20:9 screen, four phones with the same aspect ratio have already been unveiled. The Galaxy A70, Galaxy A70s, Galaxy A90 5 G and Galaxy A80 mid-range company all offer 20:9 displays.

The benchmark listing also shows that the phone is currently being tested on Android 10 along with the aspect ratio of the display. But this is hardly a surprise, as it is expected that the entire Galaxy S11 lineup will ship out of the box with Android 10. Similar to the Galaxy S10 series, with the Galaxy S11 series, Samsung may even introduce a small refresh of its One UI skin.

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