WhatsApp beta works on animated stickers and replaces official emoji

WhatsApp beta works on animated stickers and replaces official emoji

WhatsApp beta works on animated stickers and replaces official emoji. With the advent of smartphones, the success of WhatsApp only continues to grow through leaps and boundaries. While there are countless alternatives out there, they have succeeded in seizing the market by offering a free, secure, fully cross-platform messaging platform that includes features like end-to-end encryption and more.

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Thanks to widespread adoption, they have managed to stay at the top for several years as well. And the app is only growing as more features continue to be included. WhatsApp’s latest beta brings a few changes that are likely to be welcomed by users while we’re not going to be able to enjoy them just now.

The latest beta of WhatsApp, which comes from version number 2.19.110, includes improvements to the new Doodle UI interface of the application. Right now, with WhatsApp’s image editor (dubbed Doodle UI), you can stamp a number of emojis on your pictures, but these emojis are very different from those included throughout the entire WhatsApp interface: they are actually the same as Twitter’s, while WhatsApp uses a completely original emoji set inspired by the emojis of iOS throughout the rest of the app. Now, these are also being changed for the native WhatsApp emojis to ensure consistency.

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Furthermore, it seems that animated stickers make their way to WhatsApp. Recently, stickers were introduced to the app, but they managed to take on a lot as it supports sticker packs from third parties. They have been supported for a while in apps such as Facebook Messenger.

As part of Facebook’s effort to unify WhatsApp – Messenger – Instagram messaging, this is also set to come to WhatsApp as well.

Again, as of the writing of this article, none of these features are currently enabled and live, even in this latest beta build. The fact that they are there, however, means they are being worked on at the moment and will soon be rolled out to WhatsApp users worldwide.


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