Whatsapp starts hiding mute status in a new update

Whatsapp starts hiding mute status in new update

Whatsapp starts hiding mute status in a new update. WhatsApp takes care of its users who are upset in their contacts by some of the people. Most people share their WhatsApp status with unwanted content, images, or TikTok videos. Before you could silence the status of a person and hid their stories on your phone.

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You will be able to hide the stories of people directly from the status tab in the new beta version launched by WhatsApp. The messaging app has been testing the update for the past few months and they have finally made it available in the version of Android Beta v2.19.260.

Whatsapp starts hiding mute status in a new update

If you allow them permission to use your information, you can download the new version from Google Play Store. If you do not want them to access your device, simply download and install the APK file.

WhatsApp’s most common function, which they copied from Snapchat, is status updating. It was introduced in 2017 to decrease the number of customers on Snapchat, and amazingly they succeeded in getting 300 million daily customers to update their status while having only 188 million customers.

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WhatsApp status feature is designed to post a 24-hour image, video, and text, and then, like Snapchat and Instagram, will automatically disappear. You can also limit and restrict people who see your stories.

WhatsApp was always concerned about privacy and also gave users the choice to conceal their Profile Picture from contacts that were unwanted but essential. To do so, you can simply go to the status tab menu option and pick Status Privacy to mark them, and pick “My contacts except.”

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This messaging giant has introduced many updates to meet their users ‘ needs, they have recently introduced the most sought-after feature that allows you to see how many times a message was sent to your friends or family members once you send it. Meanwhile, the number of times a message can be transmitted has also been limited. Only five people can now receive a message.

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