Google launches Android 10 officially for Pixel phones

Google Launches Android 10 Officially For Pixel Phones 1024x538

Google launches Android 10 officially for Pixel phones. Android users ‘ curiosity is finally over as the Android 10 is out on the market but for Google Pixel phones now alone. The good news is that this version of Android would come faster than before to your phone.

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Google has worked a lot in the privacy and security area for Android 10 along with many features in the new version. Also, the new version gives you more control over the device, while a new focus mode will help you disable distracting apps.

Google launches Android 10 officially for Pixel phones

Google Officially Launched Android 10 For Pixel Phones
Google officially launched Android 10 for Pixel phones

Android 10 Main Features:

  • Dark Mode was introduced in the Android 10, which gives you full control over how your phone looks from within. This new feature allows you to either set the dark theme for the entire phone or for specific applications only.
  • Another new ‘ Smart Reply ‘ feature makes mobile use more friendly. Now, when someone in any messaging app sends you an address or a YouTube video link, it will directly navigate you to the related app. The feature allows you to free yourself from the hectic process of copying.
  • Live captioning feature is the most interesting feature in Android 10, with just one tap starting to display captioning on video and voice recording. This autumn, the feature is yet to come.
  • You can have control over the use of your kids ‘ phones in the Android 10. The screen time limits and the application request can be controlled remotely from your device. It also gives you the authority to see on your phones what your kids are doing.

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New security and privacy controls:

  • The new privacy control feature allows you to share with apps your location only when you use them. If any application you do not actively use, the phone will send a warning to your location.
  • You can also see your Web and Applications activities in the privacy setting, through which you can access ad settings.
  • Instead of sending privacy and security patches through OS updates, you’ll be able to update them via the app store with the new Google policy as soon as they’re available, just like the way you update your apps.

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Android 10 is designed with 5G phones and foldable in mind, but for now, it’s only available for Pixel phones so we’d have to wait to see how it works on those phones. Nokia plans to rollout the Android 10 in Q4 2019 to its phones.

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