Google will help you to pronounce tough words

Google will help you to pronounce tough words

Google will help you to pronounce tough words. A new search feature uses advanced speech recognition and feedback-based machine learning. Google wants word pronunciation to be easier to learn. Today, a new search feature has been introduced that will allow users to practice saying tricky words.

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Google will give you an answer when you look up a pronunciation, and when you say the word in the microphone of your phone, Search will let you know if you have said it correctly. The app uses speech recognition software to split spoken words into single soundbites, according to Google.

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It then uses machine learning to tell if your pronunciation was correct, and it provides feedback that is specific to the syllable. This feature rolls out in American English today and will soon be followed by a Spanish version.

Google will help you to pronounce tough words

Google also adds images to the definitions of the dictionary. It will begin with nouns in English — like seal and avocado. It will ultimately expand to all translations of languages.

Google Tough Word Pronunciation Update
Google Tough Word Pronunciation Update

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