Snapchat provides users Facebook-like features

Snapchat provides users Facebook-like features

Snapchat provides users Facebook-like features. Snapchat strives to increase the development of its users. Now, according to some reports, Snapchat has been working on a Facebook-like feature that it has been offering to its customers for quite a while. Soon, users of Snapchat can add activities to the app.

Snapchat provides users Facebook-like features

This function was first found by app researcher Jane Wong. Snapchat events will certainly have some more characteristics except to add how customers can join the event’s group chats. So, you can invite Snapchat friends to a group chat when you develop an event. On the other side, by swiping up on an invitation, consumers can join the group chat for the case.

In addition, users can generate events at a particular place that will ensure Snap Maps integration. With regard to this function, Snapchat did not reveal anything. But if the business works on it, it will actually be a good choice. Let’s see if this function will be started by Snapchat or not.

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Snapchat launched a very funny gender-swapping filter a few days ago. In a very brief period of time, the filter became popular among consumers. Interestingly, it was downloaded by many individuals who had never used the app to verify the filter and see how the opposite gender would look like.

In order to maintain the customers and boost their interest in the app, Snapchat is working to add fresh and exciting filters. It has been observed that most individuals have lost interest in the app, but now we hope that with these exciting filters the photo-messaging app will be able to get back the interest of customers.

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