Resident Evil 2 add-on will allow you to overcome the challenges

Resident Evil 2 Add On Will Allow You To Overcome The Challenges And Get Right To Tofu 1024x538

Resident Evil 2 add-on will allow you to overcome the challenges and get right to Tofu. The remake of Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 offers much beyond Claire and Leon’s core campaigns. There are also two additional scenarios, featuring Hunk operating Umbrella Security Services and Tofu members of STARS. But if you don’t want to put in the work or the time to unlock it — Hunk just needs to complete the A and B scenarios of the game— you can do that for a few extra bucks now.

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Resident Evil 2 add-on

The All In-game Rewards Unlock item costs $4.99 and provides immediate access to scenarios such as “The 4th Survivor” and “The Tofu Survivor,” costumes, infinite bonus weapons, and in-game models and concept art.

These extras can be unlocked by fulfilling certain requirements through gameplay, but if you don’t feel like tackling some of the more difficult challenges of Resident Evil 2 and still want all the stuff, Capcom will give you the option for a small fee.

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The in-game rewards of Resident Evil 2 are available from the PlayStation Store, Steam, and Xbox Games Store. That time-saving purchase can be a little easier to swallow with all the free content that Capcom has released since Resident Evil 2 arrived in January— Ghost Survivors and the’ 98 costumes for Claire and Leon.

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