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Samsung Galaxy Note 11; Everything you need to know

by Ahsan MuGhaL
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Samsung Galaxy Note 11

Samsung Galaxy Note 11; Everything you need to know. Samsung Note 10 has been released and online booking has started. Samsung, however, is prepared to introduce a little more transformation. Yes, Samsung Galaxy Note 11 is all about it. Note 11 is said to be the mix of current and latest features. Well, curiosity is what’s going to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 11’s most focused feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note 11

Galaxy Note 11 Camera And Screen

The screen features the selfie camera and notch designs. This time, manufacturers try to be different. They are trying to hide the front camera so that without additional cutouts the smartphone can have a full large screen. Some are attempting to get a front camera pop-up and some are struggling to add a second camera to their phones’ back.

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It is rumored that with an Infinity-O display with one hole up top similar to Note 10, Galaxy S11 is rolling out. Now, what about the 11th Note? The weak rumors say that this time Samsung will end the screen’s notch design tradition or any cutouts.

Samsung Note 11 Hardware

By 2020, the latest hardware of that time will accompany the Galaxy Notes. Most likely, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 will power them. Extreme Ultraviolet lithography will be used by the company to help design chips more easily and more in quantity.

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Another report, however, says that Samsung Galaxy Note 11 will use the Exynos chip. This smartphone could be the first to use the processor’s Exynos chip. In addition, if Samsung rolls out this gadget with a 5 G version, it will have to integrate 5 G modem into the chipset.

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The enabled modem will play a role in connectivity for next-gen. 5 G models are larger than basic models because of the modem structure. Samsung could include LPDDR5X RAM in Note 11 as well.

Galaxy Note 11 Release Date

By August 2020, the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 11 may hit the market. It’s going to cost more than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, though. With all the recent news, we will keep you updated. Stay tuned 🙂

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