Samsung insider teases the Galaxy Note 10+ blazing-fast charging speeds

Samsung insider teases the Galaxy Note 10+ blazing-fast charging speeds. Samsung is expected to sell four Galaxy Note 10 models in shops, including both the normal Galaxy Note 10 and next month’s slightly bigger Galaxy Note 10 + variants.

Apart from the variations in screen and battery size, the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 + will have the same specs, but the more costly model may also have something that no other Samsung phone has: faster wired and wireless charging.

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We first heard that 45W wired charging would be supported by the Galaxy Note 10 a few weeks ago, but other reports then said the functionality would be given by Samsung’s Galaxy A90 flagship. Frequent Twitter leaker Ice Universe kept saying that Note 10 + would eventually support 45W as well, and he is still confident that quick charging for the larger Note phone is in the works.

In addition, he said on Twitter that quicker wireless charging is also coming to the Galaxy Note 10 +, with 20W wireless chargers being supported by the phone:

Samsung insider teases the Galaxy Note 10+ blazing-fast charging speeds

However, in order to achieve these speeds, you will have to purchase extra chargers, as the phone is said to send in the box with a 25W wired charger. While 25W may not sound as interesting as Chinese smartphone vendors ‘ fast-charging speeds available on flagship devices, it is still much better than earlier Note designs.

In fact, with the Galaxy S10 5 G, which is the only phone supporting the charging standard, Samsung introduced 25W chargers. While Ice Universe has a solid track record of predicting the next movements of Samsung, at this stage, this is still just a rumor and one that can not be verified at this point in time.

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Then again, virtually everything about Note 10 has already leaked, and with almost a month to go before the launch case, we’ll likely learn even more about Note 10 devices in the days ahead, including battery size and charging speeds.

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