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Microsoft Teams is the most popular app for working together

by Ahsan MuGhaL
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Microsoft Teams is the most popular app for working together. Slack has been overtaken by Microsoft Teams as the most common job collaboration app. The app has gone through 13 million users a day compared to Slack’s 10 million daily users. Although April was this customer count. Known to maintain users, Microsoft counts a secret. Microsoft previously indicated that the app was used by over 500,000 organizations.

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Microsoft Teams ‘ achievement arises after their staff has been banned from using Slack, Grammarly, and Google Docs. This was performed more to avoid spreading the secrets of the company.

Microsoft Teams is the most popular app for working together

Although the latter has exceeded in user counts even after starting approximately three years before Microsoft Teams, as shown in the graph below. It’s true that Microsoft is a tech giant with vast resources and platform that can give any new service they are launching a huge boost.

Microsoft Teams App Growth Graph

Microsoft Teams – Features

Through a unique link or invitation, people can be added to teams, like groups in WhatsApp or Facebook. For various purposes such as education, professional learning, and simply for communication between staff members, these teams can be formed.

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There may be various channels within any specified team to further handle the discussion or project category. There is also the choice of direct messaging in personal teams. There is also a video conferencing function in addition to a calling service and a Voice over IP(VoIP) service. VoIP service enables customers to call through credits any telephone number charged. In this situation, the call recipient does not need an internet connection.

Unlike Slack, a subscription-based payment model that involves the entire Office 360 suite is used by Microsoft Teams. This implies that anyone who buys teams will have access to the entire Office suite that contains, among others, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Microsoft Team App Features

Another nice characteristic is notifications of priority. It is easy to ignore a significant message from WhatsApp. Teams, however, make sure that at a fixed interval, any message marked as significant is repeated. This implies customers receive notifications on an ongoing basis until they are notified.

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Which app will gain the upper hand in the future continues to be seen. Both of these applications have their advantages and disadvantages, and both businesses seem to work hard to be the best. Ultimately, competing with various applications is great for users. Usually, this draws the best of rivals.

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