Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha debuts with 108MP camera with a wrap-around display

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha debuts with 108MP camera with a wrap-around display. Xiaomi has always saved its most exciting technology for the Mix lineup and the newly released Mi Mix Alpha has not been disappointed-it has a wrap-around display, 108 MP camera, and Qualcomm’s latest chipset.

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But there’s a huge caveat we just have to mention it’s going to cost CNY19,999-that’s over $2,800/€2,500. Yes, the Mi Mix Alpha is more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X that is still unreleased.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha debuts with 108MP camera with a wrap-around display

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Debuts With 108MP Camera With A Wrap Around Display
Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

The beautiful looking phone will have chipset Snapdragon 855 Plus, 12 GB RAM, and storage of 512 GB. The battery is a power cell of 4,050 nano silicone cathode with 40W fast charging wired. This is, however, the less intriguing part-the more interesting is the actual display going around the phone.

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Xiaomi says this design enables a 180 percent body screen ratio. It’s higher than even the foldable Mate X phone, though you can’t unwrap the Alpha and get a continuous giant panel.

Mi Mix Alpha Camera Sample
Mi Mix Alpha camera sample

On top and bottom, the panel has 2.15 mm thick bezels and a camera strap on the back, with the lenses protected by a sapphire glass. The edges are pressure-sensitive and notifications will be provided. There are no speakers or another holes-the proximity sensor is ultrasonic, audio is available thanks to “Display Acoustic Technology” and advanced technology for palm rejection is available.

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The back part of the display is said to have AI algorithms that detect key scenarios such as calling a cab, using your Xiaomi devices at home with the Mi Home app, or pulling up the flight itinerary when you need them. You can also use the back for selfies, of course -now you’ve got all the 108 megapixels for your mugshots.

Mi Mix Alpha 5G Official
Mi Mix Alpha 5G Official

The main camera is equipped with a huge 1/1.33″ type sensor and a Tetracell technology to deliver 27MP pixel-backed shots. The Ultrawide shooter below has a 20 MP imager and a 117-degree FoV, while a 12 MP telephoto lens is the third snapper.

You would think that this device is extremely fragile, but Xiaomi has done its best to protect it -the frame is an aerospace-grade alloy, while the back strip is ceramic with the shooters already being protected by sapphire glass. If you’re willing to shed the massive amount of money, you have to wait for the phone to hit the shelves until December.

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