Facebook can provide Messenger with screen sharing Feature

Facebook Can Provide Messenger With Screen Sharing Feature

Facebook can provide Messenger with screen sharing Feature. Soon, Facebook will let you share your smartphone’s screen with the people you are connected to through video chat. The company is working on a new feature for its Messenger app, called ‘ Screen Share. ‘

Facebook can provide Messenger with screen sharing Feature

Jane Manchun Wong, a tech insider, used the reverse engineering approach to spot some important clues indicating that Facebook is already working on the feature.

Wong has revealed that during an audio or video chat session the functionality will appear. The app will automatically switch off the camera on your smartphone as soon as you press the Screen Sharing button.

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It will enable others to see the content on your phone’s screen. However, to use this functionality, you need to allow it to capture your screen via your Messenger app. The feature in Skype and other popular chat services is already available. It also seems that Facebook is following suit.

The feature is currently being developed, and you may need to wait a couple more months to get a glimpse of it. However, Facebook will not confirm whether they will release the option. In the early stages, many companies give up experimental features.

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