PUBG Lite vs PUBG PC – Comparison of features and changes

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PUBG Lite vs PUBG PC – Comparison of features and changes. You can find PUBG’s main player base on a PC, and it’s no surprise. The PC version of today’s game is an essential version. Over time, however, the system requirements of the game have proved to be a little too high for the systems of some gamers.

PUBG Lite vs PUBG PC – Comparison of features and changes

PUBG developers listened to the complaints of their players (including the fact that the game requires an extremely fast internet connection to play efficiently) and recently revealed a trailer for PUBG Lite, a low-spec system version of PUBG that can run on both PC and smartphone.

Bold move?

It is evident that by releasing a lite version of the game, developers endanger the sales of the original PUBG due to how easy and fast to use PUBG Lite is. Its user-friendly interface is smooth and light, despite some minor occasional flaws.

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Certainly, the original franchise sales will decrease, but this is a very nice move from developers! Thankfully, on a regular internet connection and on average computers, gamers on a budget can now enjoy the game smoothly.


PUBG Lite has better graphics than the game emulator, which is just a mobile game pc version. PUBG Lite is basically a combination of the PC and mobile versions. PUBG Lite requires hardware that is as powerful as the required mobile emulator.

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PUBG Lite is available for free while the original game costs about $14, so it’s likely that many new players won’t even consider buying the original game irrespective of whether or not their gaming rigs can run it optimally.

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